Street Art Hyperrealism

street art hyperrealism

Outdoor / Murals

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Street Art Hyperrealism

Expressing identity through art

People with extraordinary abilities to create, their hands and the materials from their environment. 

Street Art Hyperrealism

What is a Mural?

In order to talk about mural art, graffiti, urban art and its festivals, we must first briefly review its history. 

Change the status quo with Art

Change the Status Quo

One of the biggest hurdles that humans face today is a lack of empathy when it comes to the problems of others
Art about Identity

Art about identity

A set of portraits with faces of very diverse characters, of great color, interspersing the identity symbols of our history.
street art homage

Street Art Homage

To eulogize Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in a colorful, unique way.
A homage to her creativity.
Contemporary mural art

Contemporary Mural Art

We are talking about the most current and popular art that is developing in all countries around the world. 

Street Art Hyperrealism

Importance of art and culture

The Importance of Art and culture is one of the key to the realization of the portraits of his new collection in the paintings “Identity”

mcdonalds street art

McDonalds Mad Donalds

Manomatic painted a hyperrealistic McDonalds portrait. Torrejon de Ardoz is a small but considered place for Spanish urban art.
street art interview questions

Manomatic's Interview

The beautiful thing about urban art. Translated from the original interview (Spanish) by Julio del Campo Gómez

Indoor / Studio

Street Art Hyperrealism

Urban art studio: “Skhema”

“Identity” is a series of characters telling their story: “Skhema” started the 1st introduction of the ideograms from the Dolmen de Soto
Street Art Hyperrealism

Urban art studio: “Ortostatos”

“Ortostatos” is the second collection of the “Identity” series. More traditional, using oil painting, and fits the characters’ identities.

“Hyper-realistic Banksy”

Street Art Hyperrealism: Manomatic questions our relationship with the destructive automatism of our day-to-day lives, the convention and routine. Manomatic is a creative automate, born from the consumerist machinery, born from Warhol and definitely Post-Pop. Then we could link his work to the Obey’s and Banksy’s counter-culture: While these two artists are using stencil techniques, Manomatic’s speciality is hyperrealism: it means more than photorealism, by adding the subversive and divergent message to the figuration.

Being a street artist for him was obviously the only choice, in order to transmit his thoughts to the people. At the glance, he seduces us with figurative realism to trap the ones who casually pass by, and propagates his message: the blind happiness in our society today. Being happy with high morale becomes politically correct.


“Personally, I like communication and not encryption, as I believe that works should touch the public.

Art should touch, it should communicate, and if it doesn’t it´s not worth it, in my opinion, no matter the verdict of a reduced group of people or art critics.”
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