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Urban art studio: “Identity” is a series of characters telling their story through two collections: This one “Skhema” painted in 2018 started the first introduction of the ideograms from the Dolmen de Soto (Ref. “art about identity“). The next collection, “Ortostatos” painted in 2019 can be found here.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

Gatherer of her recently built village is dedicated to the search for and collection of food for her community, from fruits to edible plants, grains, and seeds and other objects, such as useful materials like stones, bones, sticks and resins. Her work mainly consists of sorting, organizing, storing and preserving food once it has been collected.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

The one who laughs in Cherokee. He is the storyteller, is responsible for announcing the events that have occurred or are going to occur to the community, important events such as times to hunt or the arrival of the changing seasons. His main role is to carry on the history of his people by telling it to the children in the form of anecdotes and stories where people and the past are talked about and so remain in the collective memory.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

A Persian name that comes from the color of the sky. She is a migrant girl who arrived from the eastern Mediterranean, bringing with her knowledge of various woodcarving techniques, the making of traditional crafts, precious stones and elaborate fabrics. She is in charge of making the clothes for the villagers with materials found in nature using plants and pigments for this purpose.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

Satchel or backpack in the Nordic language. She is native to the peninsular southwest, has golden hair and large green eyes similar to those of the inhabitants of the northernmost areas, although she has her clear origins in these lands and belongs to the settlements of the peninsular southwest during the period known as Chalcolithic. She is dedicated to hunting, has strong arms and is endowed with a robust build which allows her to carry large prey that was hunted far from home.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

Her name means priest or servant in African, is responsible for guiding the female group in ceremonies and spiritual matters. It is believed that she communicates with the spirits and has knowledge of astronomy-related to the cycles of the moon, which she uses to predict the timing of births, control the timing of pregnancies for the women of the tribe and also the cycles of the animals in the natural surroundings. She sings songs to facilitate childbirth with vocal vibrations and percussive sounds that make the mother go into a trance after the consumption of certain herbs which come from a wise woman.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

One that unifies in Ethiopian. This woman is a potter and craftswoman, she has knowledge of the use of fire and how to use it in conjunction with other materials such as mud, straw, stones, pigments, etc. She is responsible for making useful containers for food preservation and consumption, but her most important role is the creation of inverted-bell shaped vessels and bowls that are used for rituals, ceremonies and burials.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

He is the spiritual guide of the town, is responsible for coming into contact with the spirits, revealing the meaning of the most profound and guiding the community in its most mystical facet. One of the first humans to communicate through sounds and voice, using them as elements to get into a trance. He also produced the first artistic expressions using his own language which is linked to the spirit world and allows us to glimpse the knowledge that they had about life and death, and how complex their societies were in the past.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

Caregiver in Ethiopian. This healer has an understanding of medical care, uses ointments made with herbs from the area that she knows to have medicinal properties and applications, knows and studies the human body, which is why she is the one responsible for diagnosing the ailments of community members and providing them with pain relief for their problems and diseases. She collaborates closely with the priest in ceremonies during childbirth, caring for the sick and also in burials.

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