Urban Art 2019

Series “Identity” Collection “Ortostatos”

Original Artworks

Urban art 2019: “Ortostatos” is the second collection of the “Identity” series. The technique here is more traditional, using oil painting, and fits the characters’ identities. You can reach the previous collection “Skhema”  at this link.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

“More than one root”. Her face is a mix of different peoples, she is a migrant who arrived on the coast of the peninsular southwest but whose true origins are unknown. She is a nomad who is used to wandering in search of useful places. She is the one who communicates with the inhabitants when discovering unique and special locations in the mountains, like rocky outcroppings where they perform rituals and ceremonies, and which serve as spaces where the first artistic representations of paintings and engravings preserved in the stone are found.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

Son of Mother Earth, a migrant from North Africa who arrived in the peninsula by sea, settled in the southwest of the peninsula with the inhabitants of the area. He is responsible for fishing and hunting, understands the movements of the tides and the rise and fall of the high tide by the appearance of the moon which causes conditions to vary in the sea. He has many skills for building boats, creating fishing tackle and weaving nets for fishing in rivers and seas.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

“Warrior with hair”, hinting that she is a warrior woman. She is strong with great stature and a lot of physical strength, is responsible for the defense of the village when there are invasions or misunderstandings with neighbouring communities. She is skilled in the use of weapons, axes, knives or swords and is considered to be a very important part of the tribe due to her knowledge of battle, although her main role is keeping the peace.


mixed technique on canvas - 80x120cm

“The chosen one” in African. She is a strong and determined woman, is the apprentice of the warrior chief. She is the keeper of the knowledge of battle to be able to continue defending her village and follow in the footsteps of her warrior master in the future. She knows about weapons and builds them by fusing various materials, including metals.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

“Pure”. She is native to the peninsular southwest, she is the priestess´ apprentice, she has the duty of gathering all knowledge to pass on to future generations and to take the place of the old priestess when she passes away. She helps with the collection of herbs for ointments that the mother priest and the community need, seeing as she no longer has the necessary agility for long trips on trails and mountains where these herbs are.


mixed technique on canvas - 100x160cm

Meaning sociable and sincere, the daughter of a migrant from the Far East and a native to the peninsular southwest. She has great merchant skills, she communicates very well with the foreign people who pass through the peninsula to exchange materials or experiences, she is the host of newcomers and who shows them the community, teaches them their customs and tells the stories of their ancestors.


mixed technique on canvas - 90x160cm

“Successful”. She, as a goddess of fertility, is one of the women who give meaning to womanhood, is a symbol of mother earth, her role is to give life to the children of the community, a beautiful woman who perpetuates the human race on Earth. She is the spirit of the Earth in the community and is venerated and taken care of so that there will continue to be births of new generations.

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