What is a mural?

How do murals impact society?

In order to talk about mural art, graffiti, urban art and its festivals, we must first briefly review its history. Mural art accompanies man since the stone age, originally it was created in caves and remote areas. Today it occupies certainly visible places in cities around the world. This expression of street art in its first steps will be graffiti and then other techniques such as stencil, poster, installations, etc. will be developed.
What is a mural

First graffiti artists

Over the years, some firms will be increasingly recognized. This is the case of the first graffiti artists recognized as Cornbread, Daryl Mccray, in Philadelphia (USA), a city considered the birthplace of graffiti; Taki 183, the Greek roots New Yorker Dimitraki (Photo: Martha Cooper).

What is a Mural
What is a Mural

Graffiti and Hip Hop

From the 80s onwards, the fame of graffiti will grow unstoppably, becoming very popular in degraded areas such as the Bronx, which in those years was one of the most disadvantaged areas of the United States. For the inhabitants of these neighborhoods it will become a way of life, both the art of graffiti and music, the beginnings of Hip Hop, will be the creative and revolutionary escape valve.

The increasingly popular urban art

Urban art was becoming increasingly popular, reaching the ranks of traditional art, one of the best-known cases is that of the graffiti artist Basquiat, who became famous thanks to Andy Warhol, a reference in the art of the 60s worldwide. The event itself will give way to this artistic expression to new spaces and places such as art galleries, museums and private collections.

What is a mural


The acceptance of graffiti and urban art increased, being now one of the most popular and global artistic representations. As the first writers did, today’s graffiti artists take all kinds of urban spaces, some in disuse, to expand their identity.

The social factor

Another element that remains is the social factor, they make social criticism told from their creations on the wall. They want to expose social problems and visualize those failures that the system has. Over time, many will develop a more aesthetic work with a more global message. In recent years, new techniques have been implemented with the advancement of technologies.

What is a mural


Countless talented artists appear, Sem, Daim, Ula, Inti, Herakut, Pichi Avo, Belín, Bordado II, Kobra, Findac, D * Fase, Jr, C215, Hopare, Boa Mistura, Faith47 and of course Banksy, among many others.


Manomatic who comes into contact with graffiti in 2000 undergoes an evolution like graffiti itself, he begins by writing a pseudonym and then makes figures of his own creation. But finally, together with the improvement of his technique and the desire to reach more people, begins to work on realism. He adopts social themes and tells us stories that lead us to reflection, to critical social thinking that has led him to general recognition about his work and his ability.

What is a mural

Open Air Museum

One of its main projects is the Open Air Museum within his city Huelva,a space through which he makes himself known. This graffiti artist appropriates a totally degraded area of the city and embellishes it with his works, performs works with nearby and recognizable elements. With these artistic interventions, Manomatic achieves recognition and acceptance by its neighbors and its followers.

Acceptance of graffiti

In general, the acceptance of graffiti as art has given way to the creation of urban art and graffiti festivals. This makes it possible to spread the works of each of these artists globally thanks to new forms of mass communication through social networks. The proliferation of graffiti and urban art festivals around the world shows the importance of this art. More and more cities are adding to decorating their facades. However, these exhibitions, for the most part, remain unpaid.

What is a mural

Graffiti, street art and festivals

Currently, there are many graffiti artists who have made this their profession. It is very complex and difficult to participate in events if they do not put resources. Some are well known, such as the UPFEST (Bristol) meeting place for more than 300 graffiti artists of all nationalities. It is the largest graffiti festival in the world but the conditions that exist to be able to attend border on the precarious.

Street art and business

In other words, as an artist, you must bear all the expenses except for a discrete number of spray cans that the festival will give you.
Other cases are the well-known Meeting of style or Pow wow turned into franchises, which allows them to hold festivals around the world but still without means for artists. Doesn’t this perpetuate the precariousness of artists who want to dedicate themselves professionally to graffiti and urban art? Perhaps it is time to reflect on the artist’s position in all this and the contribution he makes to the cultural field.

What is a mural

Global urban art

This artist is part of the evolution of global urban art, he has also participated in many festivals, as usual, among graffiti artists with a remarkable career. He balances other elements and values the social part and closeness to people but sees the need for a change in artistic and cultural structures. The ideal would be to improve the conditions within graffiti and urban art to end the precarious work of those who make up these events.

Our duty

Within these meetings and festivals, we must think about favoring artists, cultural managers, curators and production. If they want them to continue developing their art, which is beneficial to the community.

urban art professionals

Manomatic’s work has already crossed all borders thanks to telematic networks, he will continue to participate in meetings and festivals around the world as part of the development of his project, he will continue to expand knowledge and experiences. The importance of his work and his dedication have made him remain immovable in his creation, making him one of the renowned graffiti artists both inside and outside his profession.

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